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27/11/2016 12:09 am  #51

Re: Saturday's Fan Focus #25 - Kiwiarab

lifesanocean wrote:

kiwiarab wrote:

The_Coo wrote:

Other than Jackie, worst ever United manager and why?

you've taken the obvious candidate out of the running there mate, what a clown.

I hated seeing united legends failing as managers, heggie and sturrock had some bad times but you knew deep down that they loved the club and were doing their best. It's probably sturrock as she signed some really poor players on big money and was so defensive despite him being a creative player in his day


Agree with this. Luggy the manager nothing like Luggy the player.

That happens a lot. Just google what happened to Henrik Larsson this week!


27/11/2016 12:13 am  #52

Re: Saturday's Fan Focus #25 - Kiwiarab

Thanks Kiwi Arab for yer efforts and enjoy the beach bud.


27/11/2016 12:14 am  #53

Re: Saturday's Fan Focus #25 - Kiwiarab

Arabnophobia wrote:

94' and 2010 made my Utd experience fixed in a way Kiwi. Witnessed all finals fae 85'.
Good to read you made 2010 bud. The suffering needs the opposite bud so refreshing and relieving to read you got some therapy Utd style.

Do you plan to come back for the probable playoffs?

94 was brilliant, epic scenes that will live with me forever

Playoffs? We're winning it!


27/11/2016 12:15 am  #54

Re: Saturday's Fan Focus #25 - Kiwiarab

Tek wrote:

That's your hour up Kiwi.Great answers 👍

Final question.

One word to sum up Dundee FC if you please?

thanks mate

To quote Ian Brown - "AMATUERS!"


27/11/2016 2:58 pm  #55

Re: Saturday's Fan Focus #25 - Kiwiarab

Cheers to kiwiarab for this. Surprised you are not encouraged by the standard of the A-League, I'd have thought it was comparable with England's Championship. Or maybe it just Wellington Phoenix you think are poor?


29/11/2016 8:11 am  #56

Re: Saturday's Fan Focus #25 - Kiwiarab

Cheers Pat

​I'm not an expert on the a-league, as I’ve never watched a full game, and the teams never play any decent opposition so it’s hard to judge the standard.
What I have seen, is really really poor, miles below the English Championship. Goalkeepers with terrible positioning and handling, centre halfs who end up on same side of the pitch all the time, full backs who don’t even try and stop crosses, midfielders who walk when the opposition has the ball, strikers with no idea where the goal is. Really basic ideas like being narrow when not in possession, then wide when you do, are non existent. Even some of the rules like offside are not well understood.
I think the lack of relegation is the cause, there is no impact of a bad season so the players are never trained on how to setup a team properly. If you have  a good season with some flair players who can  exploit all of the faults above, you’ll make it into their crazy finals system. If not, then you have a bad season, shrug, then try again next year.
Another angle is they allow for one marquee player above the salary cap, so some big namess like del piero and charlie miller have  played in recent years, while the majority of the players are at a much lower level

That’s my view, maybe it will improve over time as Australia spends lot on developing young sports players. 



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