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02/1/2019 2:42 am  #26

Re: Black Mirror

Tek wrote:

I'll give a bigger review tomorrow but let me just say this.


Let me elaborate why.

The fact it was set in the 80's. The soundtrack, set, clothing, characters,acting etc etc were all utterly superb.

Taking over a main street in South London and re-fitting the shops to all look like 80's versions of WH Smiths's , Wimpy's etc. Really added to the authenticity of the film.

The interactive multiple choice selection in gaming is nothing new but to bring this function to the medium of television was very very clever, particulary when the storyline was heavily entrenched in the gaming industry. 

To me the "end credits" were the equivalent (in an unsuccessfully played computer game) of 'game over' and the the multiple choice question thereafter was the equivalent of 'quit' or 'continue'.

That you got deeper and deeper down the Bandersnatch 'wormhole' made you feel akin to the main character i.e that you were losing the thread of what was happening.

This (for me) was a masterful piece of television.

Charlie Brooker has not only raised his own (very high) bar but to a small extent, perhaps changed how we watch television (on streaming devices anyway).

5 stars out of 5


02/1/2019 5:43 pm  #27

Re: Black Mirror

I got that sense of it. And being 44 I totally appreciated the authenticity of it all. I'll have to watch it properly through Netflix.

It's not where you're from it's where you're at.

05/6/2019 9:27 pm  #28

Re: Black Mirror

Season 5 out now. Watched the first episode—excellent as usual.

It's not where you're from it's where you're at.

06/6/2019 7:14 pm  #29

Re: Black Mirror

Looking forward to these new ones.

Will watch at least one tonight.


08/6/2019 11:33 pm  #30

Re: Black Mirror

Bombed them all and while I enjoyed felt they didn't hit the heights of past efforts.


11/6/2019 2:38 am  #31

Re: Black Mirror

scarpia wrote:

Bombed them all and while I enjoyed felt they didn't hit the heights of past efforts.

Kinda agree.

Enjoyable. But the Miley Cyrus episode felt a bit like the (dare I say it?) dreaded 'jumping the shark' moment, which is the death knell for many great shows. The ending was pretty fucking laughable and a bit Hollywood really.

I prefer the British Black Mirror episodes if i'm honest, like (White Christmas, Shut Up And Dance, Hang the DJ, Bandersnatch etc). Prefer the dark, gritty and bleak shit that lends itself better to our shores.


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20/6/2019 7:28 am  #32

Re: Black Mirror

I thought they were good, not great.

A very very high bar to reach so I wouldn’t complain too much. IMO the Miley episode was Brookers stab at a teen comedy. Passable.

The next batch will be dark (I hope)


15/6/2023 2:37 pm  #33

Re: Black Mirror

New Series out today on Netflix.

Gonna dive in later tonight.

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19/6/2023 1:21 am  #34

Re: Black Mirror

Watched them all. Enjoyed the Scottish set one the most. Only felt like two episodes carried on the “scary tech” theme. Hard to believe this thread is nearly a decade old!!

It's not where you're from it's where you're at.

18/7/2023 3:17 am  #35

Re: Black Mirror

A bit of a disappointing series for me.

Only really enjoyed two episodes.

'Loch Henry' and 'Demon 79'. The other episodes were so-so.

Only the latter two were 'Black Mirror' vintage standard imo.

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25/7/2023 11:36 am  #36

Re: Black Mirror

I thought the new episodes were more like Twilight Zone type stories than the usual disturbing dystopian fiction.  


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