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22/10/2022 2:59 am  #1

Creed III


05/3/2023 10:29 pm  #2

Re: Creed III

Went to see it with my Son on Friday night.

The poorest of the Creed trilogy. Some good scenes, but not enough boxing in it.

And a far poorer film for no Rocky in it too.

I did think the performances and physiques of both Michael B.Jordan and his nemesis in the film 'Dame' (Jonathan Majors) were very good. Stallone would have approved of both.

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04/4/2023 12:40 pm  #3

Re: Creed III

Seen it on Sunday. Totally meh.

Nice touches with his daughter and with Marie Anne Creed. Lacked a real punch and agree that no Sly makes it weaker. Adonis is likeable but lacks the underdog spirit of Rocky.

Too much commotion

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