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16/8/2022 1:28 am  #51

Re: Better Call Saul

David_Blunkett wrote:

Watched the latest episode.

The reason Gene was able to scam the first guy was.......

Because he lived Home Alone

Shit was that Buzz?


16/8/2022 1:46 am  #52

Re: Better Call Saul

Watched the penultimate episode.

It is sad that 

Kim through her tremendous guilt, ended up a lobotomised version of herself. Living a dull, routine life, doing a dull, routine job, and socialising with dull, routine people, who's lives are so routine and dull that swapping mayo for a similar product to put into your work pieces, seems a big decision.

She even looked plain and dowdy with her long, lank dark hair, rather than her normal bright, blonde, shiny looking hair. It's almost as if she decided she didn't deserve to portray the best version of herself anymore and would willingly settle for a safe, boring life, rather than ever run the risk of going back to her old ways and hurting anyone.

We also found out that ultimately Kim has a good heart though and rather than carry the guilt with her to the grave, had to confess her part in Howard Hamlin's demise to his widow, and in turn clear Howard's name and reputation. This took tremendous courage and it is a reminder that Kim always had a courage and tenacity that Jimmy lacked.

The scene where we finally see the normally cool and composed Kim finally break down and cry (well sob) on a public transport Bus, was genuinely harrowing to watch. She is a broken woman.

Jimmy is also broken and though he has also settled for a boring, mundane life (more through necessity), he has now slipped back to his old ways, and worse than ever, as he doesn't now, seemingly, have any morals. Sad to see.

The final episode will surely see Kim and Jimmy re-united at long last, though ironically in a courtroom, where they will be tried for their part in the conspiracy against Howard Hamlin that subsequently played a huge part in his untimely death.

I didn't want it to end this way for either character.


17/8/2022 10:13 am  #53

Re: Better Call Saul

I will say more about it later, but just to say the last episode is a masterpiece.


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