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14/5/2021 9:34 am  #1

Derry Girls

Late to the party with this.

Binged the two seasons this week over three nights.

What a class wee show. Some brilliant, comedic performances and a great soundtrack. But boy did it make me miss the 90's 


16/5/2021 9:37 pm  #2

Re: Derry Girls

It's great. Miss those days too.

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30/3/2022 12:28 am  #3

Re: Derry Girls

Series 3 out on Channel 4 in a few days.

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30/3/2022 12:41 am  #4

Re: Derry Girls

eh thought it was aboot terts that support dundee


12/4/2022 10:45 pm  #5

Re: Derry Girls

S3, Ep1

Bit underwhelming. Not vintage Derry Girls.


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07/6/2022 3:11 am  #6

Re: Derry Girls

Finished Series 3 and the show.

Series 3 as a whole was a wee bit disappointing imo.

Last 2 episodes were good, particularly the last episode.

But the series as a whole was not as funny as the previous two.

My main take away from this show is that i absolutely LOVE their accents.

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09/6/2022 1:06 pm  #7

Re: Derry Girls

The Spice Girls episode was great.

Too much commotion

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