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24/2/2023 7:55 pm  #101

Re: Tony Asghar Q+A

Canadian Arab wrote:

Bump! 👀

Tek wrote:

 Q28) Where do you see Dundee United in 5 years time?

And is Tony Asghar still part of the furniture at Tannadice in 2024, all being well? - Tek

Our vision includes:

- DUFC a top four club competing for European football on a regular basis and getting to cup semis and finals. 

-Having players in the Scottish international squads at all ages and International players from other countries.

-An Academy who has produced and continues to produce local talent.

-International Academies in USA, China, Australia and India.

-Financially stable Club with Tannadice being a fortress with supporters who believe in the team and the Club leaders. 

-A women’s team playing at elite level.

I would love to be a part of that but if that does not happen for me personally then anyone who comes in will have a Club running as an elite sporting organisation.


Well, he was right about the Women's Team.

Great stuff.


15/5/2023 4:36 pm  #102

Re: Tony Asghar Q+A

Tek wrote:

 Q7) As we are now on our 5th permanent manager in the last 3.5 years, is it your opinion that Robbie deserves time to get things right no matter what happens this season? - LarsErikKjell

Lars, the success of any club is cultivated by stability and we are building a long-term coaching staff and strategy.


Too much commotion

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