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Dundee United » ICT away » 23/9/2023 1:47 pm

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Trouble is he'll be straight back in after the usual 'player's been told' spin.
I'd prefer he stays dropped and we start with players who want to earn wages.

Dundee United » Ogren » 19/8/2023 6:47 am

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Rightly or wrongly he invested in Scottish football without understanding the pros and cons of the impact of results on fans.
If he owned one of the arse cheeks and they had endured a season like we had last year, then came out with these comments, can you imagine the reaction he would get?
Ogren may be prioritising the bottom line but he needs to understand that all we care about are results and performance.
He may be a big fish in his neck of woods dipping his toes in our beloved little pond, but to publicly call out fans who handed over their hard earned for showing negativity when these are poor and then repeatedly defend 'his man' who was responsible is arrogant and bordering on disrespectful.

We as Utd fans support our team even when they get beat, why?  because as fans we have to believe a winner is just a loser who didn't give up.

His talk of selling up stinks of a spoilt brat who has failed on what's really important and won't admit accountability.
To quote someone who posts on here, he needs to fuck off back and when he gets there then fuck off again.

Dundee United » Ogren » 18/8/2023 8:10 am

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Saw Ogren's interview, deluded as ever
He needs to admit defeat and get out

Dundee United » Rebuilding United in the Championship » 06/8/2023 9:41 am

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Little shoots of optimism yes but let's see where the team are after 1st round of league fixtures. As it stands we're a couple of key injuries away from being a complete mess in this league so let's keep fingers crossed on that front.
A long way to go before any promotion talk and if successful there then to avoid being a yoyo. Even further to becoming an established top 6 club.
Last year sickened me both in terms of the running of the club and with the appointment of Jim who has still to convince, especially when it comes to 6 pointer games.
I for one won't be remortgaging and lumping on Utd any time soon

Dundee United » Arbroath vs Dundee Utd - Friday 4/8/23 » 05/8/2023 4:21 pm

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GFL wrote:

kiwiarab wrote:

4-0 united at half time.

Middleton, Anim Cudjoe, Sibbald, Moult

Am I tripping or did this happen and it’s posted before the game?


Correct score and scorers in right order wow

What were tonight's lotto numbers? Asking for a friend!

Dundee United » Will he be handsome? Will he be pretty?.. » 19/7/2023 6:17 am

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I need to invest in stronger restraints than straps, this is not going well at all !!

A bigger disconnect with the fans than before
Forget getting enough points for promotion, will this shower get enough to stay in this league
If going with what we now have is the statement of intent, then we are fucked

Whatever process Ogren told us to trust, I'm sure it didn't involve being shamed and embarrassed

Dundee United » Rebuilding United in the Championship » 16/7/2023 7:51 am

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Are we in a Mad Max era?
I say Mad Max as its about facing collapse due to critical resources shortages.
What we are being told by Goodwin in post match interviews doesn't fit with what we've just seen.
Jim's interview recently where he said all we need is 1 striker and then that will be our squad for the season. He also said the players are doing everything he wants and their attitude is great.
I see nothing but red flags.
Our waffling manager says he's taking this competition seriously and banged on about his previous 100% record of getting out of the group stages. Then makes excuses of squad only been back 4 weeks and we were up against a team full of confidence.
We lost 5 post split games and he got made manager and now we lose again.
The quality in this squad is extremely concerning and their attitude stinks. Goodwin not being able to put a team out that can beat a weakened part time 4th tier team that's just been newly promoted is a disgrace. This match coming early in our season is not an acceptable excuse either, it was the same for Spartans.

Ogren portrayed himself as a saviour when we got promoted, our Ted Lasso owner has overseen the recruitment of this shambles deemed good enough to bounce back into premier league and competing for cups and a place in Europe . If he had acted in January we would have still been there, that is on Ogren. If he doesn't act now we'll still be in this league at best next July.
We need shot of this owner, before he makes it even worse and plunges us into financial chaos.
Without a complete reset with further key additions, that's likely to happen under this regime.
We only want someone competent to run the club.
I'll quote a line from the Mad Max song
We don't need another hero we just need to find our way home.

Dundee United » Club being bled dry » 06/7/2023 7:18 am

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This club is a shambles right now, we have Ted Lasso as owner and a manager who up to now is clearly only competent at spouting baloney.  Enough now, we are where we deserve to be and persisting with that keeper, Mulgrew, Freeman will simply mean we remain in this league at best.
Actions speak louder than words should be the banner unfurled this year

Dundee United » Rebuilding United in the Championship » 03/7/2023 4:54 pm

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Why is the Aussie still here and why is Goodwin letting him play?

Dundee United » Will he be handsome? Will he be pretty?.. » 28/5/2023 7:56 am

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Answer is I don't know but another chapter in the crazy world of being an Arab beckons.

Time will tell if lessons have been learnt and lets hope so but the hard work starts now.

Going with Jim may not be a popular decision but given circumstances, the most sensible option. It's been done quickly and appointing the very person who had to pick a starting line up from a bunch of soft wasters should in theory mean he knows who he wants rid of - a long list for various reasons - and more importantly who he needs to bring in.
The obvious bonus is we now have someone who can be held to account both for the recruitment of the players on the pitch and the style we play.
Having inherited a squad of players with recruitment decisions being dictated by others then I believe this is something our last few coaches and us the fans have not been able to say.
Asghar set us back years and we're all hoping this is the start of a true recovery with solid foundations.
A few separate stages over next few years, no 1 being to unite the whole club and fans and get our identity back. 2 being to get enough points for promotion, 3 to stay up when we do and 4 to finally kick on.

Jury is out if Jim will be there for all 4 but I'm willing to wipe the slate and jump on for the ride however bumpy.
We now need to see our owner quickly making a proper statement of intent and get rid of all poison both playing and non playing staff and bring in better as getting momentum early is key, if it crashes early then we're fecked.
Strap yourselves in guys

Dundee United » The depressingly inevitable Mark Ogren DUTV Interview » 25/5/2023 11:34 am

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Here's where I am
I blame Asghar entirely for the squad of coaches/managers/players assembled but Ogren had authorised and signed off on all thus he is totally accountable for the mess we're in.
Asghar spied an opportunity to make money, in this day and age being entrepreneurial is encouraged.
Asghar identified an owner who has been easily led and owner has bought into a plan to make money. Again nothing wrong with that.

So many faults but main one is clear and that is a finger pointing at Ogren for not properly checking what was needed to run a club and all that goes with it.
It would seem he has dabbled in owning a club and based this on a balance sheet over x seasons with no thought for contingencies.
If Ogren was suckered into believing Asghar had the credentials to deal with all hiring and firing without checking first then the buck stops with him and he needs to suck it up. He can't use his incompetence as reason to suck club dry, personally I don't think he would but never say never when cash is involved.
The turnover of managers/coaches has been shocking and the true reasons for this have been hidden. As it stands it would appear Ogren has simply allowed Asghar free reign to hire & fire. Again I feel Ogren has took too much of a backseat with only listening to Asghar's rationale. It may be that Ogren spoke to some of the players/ coaching/staff who were in Asghar's hipper for this feedback but more should have been done by Ogren to understand full reasoning behind managers etc moving on.

Moving on to recruitment and the jury is out on whether Asghar truly viewed this as a project to make himself/his croonies money or make the club successful.
Given the evidence of the results coupled with the playing staff having a game of musical chairs with the bench/going to other clubs, it would seem that making the club successful was seen as a distant 2nd on the list..

From Mellon to Goodwin the football on show has by and large been shocking. This is despit

Dundee United » Utd v Kilmarnock - Wed 24/5/23 » 25/5/2023 11:33 am

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I initially read AU's response as pointed towards players and manager but given he said you and not them then rightly banned imo

Dundee United » Robbie Neilson » 25/5/2023 11:30 am

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Agree, no mileage in Neilson returning

Dundee United » Livi vs Utd - Saturday 20/5/23 » 20/5/2023 7:00 pm

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There's a slim chance we survive but this bunch have shown norhing lately when it mattered so looking doomed and deservedly so
This season has shown total incompetence from our owner and his man.
Can't wait for this season to finish, Ogren to go and all going well Levein back at the club.

Dundee United » DUFC VS ROSS COUNTY - SATURDAY 13TH MAY » 14/5/2023 11:11 am

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I left yday with a similar feeling as the umpteen cup finals we got beat in.
Being amongst a magnificent support but watching players not good enough to deal with big matches.
Put simply, we are soft as shite on the pitch and that is down to recruitment, coaching and game management. Perhaps its a reflection of the modern game but sadly there seems to be an acceptance of our fate when more should be needed.
No desire to roll the sleeves up, puff the chest and make that tackle. No responsibility to take a shot at goal.
We are where we deserve to be until we sign winners both on and off the pitch.
If and when we do, we need to keep them. Instead of letting them bolt at the earliest opportunity, for a change it would be nice to boot the players and backroom staff with the wrong mentality.

Dundee United » St.Johnstone vs Utd - Saturday 6th May » 07/5/2023 10:52 am

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AU at the wind up should be a banning offence and agree with TEK that he needs to GTF

As for yday St J may put their feet up now they are pretty much guaranteed to survive, Ross Co and Killie benefit big time.
The only thing I'm happy with is that the club have to realise a complete reset is needed.
Whether it's for the Premiership time will tell but big results needed against both the 2 teams currently below us.
Too many of our squad show weaknesses which more than offset the little positives they occasionally come up with. Too many first teamers have a performance average of 4/10 or worse. Simply unacceptable and change needed next year on the playing front for sure.
With the current squad littered with rubbish I have resigned myself that being in bottom 2 is now more of a probability than a possibility.

We may get lucky and not only be in play off match but actually win it. I wont hold my breath though.

Dundee United » Should Utd appoint a new Sporting Director? » 17/4/2023 7:17 am

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Agree, Sporting Directors can have a place but doubtful if that is needed in a club our size especially if you have a competent manager .
Regardless, the person in charge of running the team should be free from influence or agendas.
Any influence in terms of a sporting director should be from the manager/coach when building a squad/team.
Any other Sporting Director involvement can be seen as undermining and creates unrest during periods where results are poor.

Dundee United » Motherwell vs Utd - Saturday 15/4/23 » 16/4/2023 8:56 am

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Astonishing turnaround, who would have thought fitness and organisation would be the key, maybe we just need to ensure our template includes having a Jim in charge of the team

Dundee United » Utd vs St.Mirren - Saturday 18th March » 16/3/2023 9:36 am

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We need a change from players giving us constant tragic periods to someone to give us moments of magic.
I am scraping the bottom if the desperation barrel I know but can only see this coming from Pawlett.

The running of this club has been a disgrace, it's not a case of can Goodwin lift this shambles, he has to.
If we are to survive this is the last chance saloon to get the win that will build both momentum and confidence

Dundee United » Craig Levein » 28/2/2023 10:27 pm

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Think so yeh, one could be Mackie or Macklin Motors owner, think it was the latter but my hearing isn't the best sorry

Dundee United » Craig Levein » 28/2/2023 10:10 pm

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Will pass on what I can but yet to get it confirmed as too much going on, but hearing Ogren has sold 75% of his shares also that Levein will be in until the end of the season and review all in Summer

Dundee United » Craig Levein » 28/2/2023 9:33 pm

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My post earlier was what I heard, I did know Levein would not work under Scott Ogren, he wanted full control of football side and the Owner to take a step back. I can't say anymore about Mulgrew either but Craig will want him booted if what I have heard turns out to be true.
A lot went on today including a put up or shut up.
The Ogren's tried a bluff which seems to have backfired, maybe the full extent of their greed comes out, maybe not.
Regardless, the boil has been lanced, there should be a lot of 'smiles' ahead.

Dundee United » Craig Levein » 28/2/2023 6:18 am

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A huge U-turn from me in that Ogren is the main problem not Asghar. Asghar has wanted Levein for a while now, first discussed when Neilson left then again shortly before Courts got the job.
Ogren has a structure that he now accepts is broken.
This was brought home in the last few days, irony is that the 'Smile' play currently showing at the Rep has resulted in Ogren finally getting what this club is about. A message from our legend in heaven indeed.
Levein would want a lot of control of the football side and  would work with Tony. He also rates Mulgrew to mentor the young ones and develop fully into a proper coach. However without going into why Mulgrew may not be at the club at the end of this season.
Levein would want Tony to take on Scott Ogren's role, a big stumbling block as this man has more say than any of us know. It could still happen with Tony gone but that would mean Levein getting full control, I doubt Ogren would agree but you never know.
The deal is a goer but needs assurances and a step back from the Ogren's.
Depending on that decision, we'll either be on the quick road to big failure and Ogren sells and bolts, or the slow but steady ship to recovery. This could mean a drop to championship but followed by solid foundations being laid once and for all, albeit a few years of pain but worth it in my opinion as we will be a proud successful club again.

Dundee United » New Manager Thread » 27/2/2023 9:02 am

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Asghar sitting at the hiring table rules out any last chance of hiring someone that could keep us up.
A few days ago Ogren said he wouldn't make any changes, having already went back on this, he now needs to be sensible and remove Tony.
It's time Ogren to make the decision as to who is more important, your man or your club.

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